Geschichte: Erstes Betriebsgebäude der Tischlerei Prödl

Geschichte: Tischlerei PrödlGeschichte: Tischlerei PrödlGeschichte: Tischlerei Prödl

Geschichte: Tischlerei PrödlPrödl: Tischlerei Geschichte

A journey through time

The Prödl story began in Kirchberg an der Raab way back in 1956. The carpenter’s shop which Josef Prödl senior set up in the village may have been small but it was certainly distinguished. A lot has happened since then:

Prödl first took part in the Graz trade fair in 1961, and the company has put in a regular appearance there ever since. Its workshop at Kirchberg no. 137 was completed in 1969. At this point in time Prödl already employed six members of staff. Further investments were made when the company began making bathroom furniture in 1972. Prödl started building its current workshop in 1978 and eventually moved into it in 1983; an extension was added in 1993. Josef Prödl junior and his wife Brigitte joined his parents’ company in 1987; at this time he worked intensively on furniture and interior design – and together with his brother Erich, he began to develop individual pieces of furniture. He also teamed up with other carpenters in the region to found the Kornberg group of carpentry design known as the “Kornberger Designtischler”. Gradually, the company turned from focusing exclusively on kitchen furniture to becoming an all-round specialist in the field of interior design. Josef Prödl senior handed over management duties to Josef Prödl junior in 1993. In 1997 the company took part in the “interior home design exhibition” which was held at the Vienna Hofburg. A solid wood production facility was added in 1998, and Tischlerei Prödl gained ISO 9001 certification in 1999. Further developments between 2004 and 2010 included the addition of an office building, a showroom, a panel warehouse, a panel cutting centre and a further production unit extension featuring a state-of-the-art surface finishing centre.

Yet despite all these developments, one thing has remained the same: Creative minds and passionate craftsmen continue to work meticulously to ensure that we get our furniture right down to the last detail – until everyone is completely satisfied.

Geschichte: Zweites Betriebsgebäude der Tischlerei Prödl

A matter of design

Every decade has a unique, individual style. Many such developments simply disappear in time, never to reappear again, which is no bad thing. But other developments stand the test of time and can actually improve with the passing of each year. We bear this carefully in mind when planning and designing each piece of furniture.

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