The complete lifting of borders in home interior design has moved the kitchen further towards the centre of attention, placing new demands on design, form and materials. PerLe extends the living area with its inviting trapezoid form of a freestanding kitchen island and can be integrated into almost any floor plan of a room. Whether it’s a question of remaining in contact with others in the room while cooking or enjoying an aperitif or a light breakfast, PerLe always remains an integral part of the home and retains its aesthetic value in each and every role. It helps to bring out the personality of the people in the house and lends an unmistakable, unique appearance to each space.

The kitchen for individualists features a completely independent form, an exciting composition of materials including solid wood, varnish and stainless steel and a highly intelligent interior design which avoids “dead space”.
Conceived and designed by Franz Polzhofer, a recipient of multiple international design awards and also a native of Styria, this kitchen is carefully manufactured by Prödl. The result is PerLe, a byword for perfection and design.

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